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The company Zytech Solar was featured in the reports as one of the leaders among the LCPV solar panels manufacturing companies

The companies GlobeMetrix and MRS , specialized in Market Research Reports, have published worldwide Market Research Reports about CPV Solar Panels between 2017 -2020. The company Zytech Solar was featured in the reports as one of the leaders among the LCPV solar panels manufacturing companies, because of its technology and its presence in the Sector Zytech has invested in R&D for LCPV Solar Panels since its beginning, reaching a leading position in the Industry
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Electrification More than 3.000 rural homes in Peru with modules of Zytech Solar

A new project of solar power of big social value goes to realise in Peru with photovoltaic modules of Zytech Solar, a Spanish company that follows consolidating his presence in Latin America. In this occasion have been awarded three projects of Domiciliary Photovoltaic Systems (SFVD) that will allow to cater of electricity to more than 3.000 homes in remote zones of the country and that are being executed by the consortium of companies formed by Enerquímica and Q-Power Peru. The aim of this project of electrificación rural domiciliary is to offer electrical power (in 12 Vdc) to houses moved away of the departments of Piura and Cusco. The electrificación of each house llevar with a system formed by a photovoltaic module of 65 Wp, a battery of 90 Ah, together with 3 points of lighting and a point of taking of current. The three projects awarded, with a total total of more than 2,8 million dollars, are for domiciliary systems in the district of Cold (department of Piura), in the district of Livitaca (department of Cusco), and in the provinces of Tread, Paucartambo and Chumbivilcas. All the systems are equal and are allocated to the saw and part of jungle of the country, places where still some cores of population do not have access to the electrical networks. In the first of the projects in Piura will use 808 modules of Zytech Solar ZT65S (52kW); in the second, in the department of Cusco, 2.004 modules ZT65S (130kW) and in the third, also in Cusco, 589 modules ZT65S (38kW). The projects have a total total of more than 2,8 million dollars and have been funded by the ministry of Power and Mines, the General Steering of Electrificación Rural (DGER) and the Steering of Bottoms Concursables (DFC) through the electrical companies Electronoreste and Electro South This.

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