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Zytech EPC is a Fully - Integrated Player in the Global Photovoltaic Market Focused on Asset Funding & Placement, Development, EPC, O&M Service and Trading

Engineering, Procurement & Construction Services


Zytech Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) team provide bankable, innovative and reliable solar energy solutions to customers worldwide. Offering “turnkey” working systems due to the set structures Zytech has in place, we can provide a complete spectrum of services for projects from viability studies to commissioning.

Zytech On Grid & Off-Grid

A Home Energy Solution is the simplest and most reliable way to put solar to work at your home or cottage! These kits are designed for fast, easy and fully code-compliant installations. You’ll have the best equipment in an integrated solar power system with features such as quality ZYTECH solar modules, solar solid mounting systems, and battery charge protection. Larger packages come with DC-AC inverters, allowing full integration with generators and home wiring. Safe, secure and reliable!

As an inclusive EPC provider, Zytech can retain its position as a single point of contact for all solar energy projects. Zytech’s in-house team of experts strive to maintain the highest standards in reliability, extendibility and low failure rates. Zytech comprehensive experience ensures cost-effective implementation solutions for even the most complex projects. Zytech can deliver projects on budget and on time due to our immense experience providing construction services for various applications. Zytech has implemented power systems for Homes, Farms, Institutes, IT, MNCs, Telecom, Oil and Gas, Environmental Monitoring, Educational and Remote Living.


We design solar plants with optimum PV output and are committed to achieving the most affordable
levelled cost of electricity in any region of the globe.


We are able to negotiate and supply bankable technology of key providers and services suitable to the project at the best terms possible.


In one of the most advanced production lines in Europe, which is completely automated and robotised, we produce our awarded PV modules and patented R&D+I solutions.


From A to Z, we plan the whole process taking care of every detail to guarantee the utmost
project completion. Instead of oil.


We manage referenced contractors to build the project, assuring the highest quality within the time and cost deadlines, in total compliance with local regulations—variable costs.


Zytech Solar carries out several commissioning tests to make sure that each power plant
operates as designed and performs as expected.

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